At Home With The Owens

Hi welcome to our web page. We hope you don't fall asleep here. Inevitably this page will be a complete bore for everyone except us, but it has provided some interest and motivation for Lauren and Matthew to publish their stories and take the pictures you find within. For my part it is the first web page I have attempted to build and hopefully it should improve over time. Here's hoping anyway.


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Find out what I am doing when I'm not training! Which is most of the time!




grim_reaper_slashing_md_clr.gif (20100 bytes)   An absolutely fascinating look at the day in the life of a Domestic Engineer.



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angela_hovering_with_pixie_harp_md_clr.gif (12270 bytes) A pleasure to have at home. See her latest updated page with video.





beholder_hovering_md_clr.gif (21391 bytes) Nightmare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Our Pets

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Links in our area

bulletMotorpoint 4x4 (Sponsors Link)
bulletSwale Council And Tourism Site
bulletMedway Council Page
bulletThe Medway Towns  Site 
bulletKent Tourism
bulletKent Messenger On-Line

Other Stuff


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