Lauren's Page

traci_giving_bunny_big_hug_md_clr.gif (30663 bytes)As you can see I like my cuddly toys especially my beanie babies. I will show you some pictures of them at a later date.




Lauren1.jpg (77052 bytes)My Mug Shot

I was planning to show some of my poems, stories and drawings that I have done over the past 12 months on this page. However, unfortunately, for  you, I have decided to put a ridiculous video of Emma and I dancing.




Dance Of The Drunk Sugar Plum Fairies

As you can see both Emma and I have had too much Pepsi Max and  giggle at the slightest thing. Much falling over was had by all. If you like our dancing we can be hired for a small sum at weekends for Weddings and Birthdays. Sorry we don't do funerals but feel free to try my Dad.