Matthews's Page

acrobat_doing_back_flip_md_clr.gif (27553 bytes)As you can see I love trampolining but I also like Swimming, Karate, Skiing and Horse RIding.



BUT ...................

I especially don't like these......spider_blackwidow_dangle_md_clr.gif (6319 bytes)


DSC00004.JPG (1301385 bytes) Butter Would Not Melt ...

I love Star Wars, Buzz, Cartoon Network and I really love to swim. My dad thinks I am a fish reincarnated. For your enjoyment I have included some of my lovely drawings below. The originals can be bought for huge amounts of money for that expensive Christmas or Birthday surprise. Even if you are thinking of making a substantial investment because I may be the next Picasso, you can't go far wrong really.





Light Sabre.JPG (53252 bytes)

Matt's Light Sabre Collection

I drew this picture after watching my Dad's Star Wars trilogy tapes for the 100th time. Specific details to note about this picture are the flexible handle pieces and the dynamics of the pulsing laser field which I have tried to bring to life.






Gorilla.JPG (47005 bytes)

Matt's Gorilla

I particularly like the biro outlining on this drawing. It gives the gorilla form whilst the light grey picks out the sensitive regions. Note my gorilla had an accident with my Mum's lipstick.







Voyager.JPG (25744 bytes)

Chrysler Voyager

I am really proud of this picture. Dad was trying to pick a new car and had no idea. So I copied this from a magazine to give him a gentle push in the right direction. Adults, you have to be subtle with them ....